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IronPort Innovation Timeline

IronPort's commitment to technology innovation is what sets us apart. Only IronPort has the vision and expertise to continually deliver unique products.


IronPort's breakthrough operating system is born. AsyncOS' file system, threading module and scheduler are optimized for very high performance proxy applications.

World's Fastest MTA

IronPort introduces the A-Series Messaging Gateway™ appliance, the world's fastest MTA, more than 20 times faster than traditional UNIX based servers. It is deployed at the largest ISPs in the world.

IronPort Introduces SenderBase®

The world's first, biggest and best email traffic monitoring network. With more than 100,000 ISPs, universities and enterprises participating, SenderBase collects data on more than 25% of the world's email.

IronPort Introduces World's First Email Reputation Filtering System

IronPort invented reputation filtering - the process of rate limiting suspicious senders at the connection level. This patent pending technique blocks more than 80% of spam before it even enters the network.

World's Most Powerful Security Appliance, the IronPort C-Series™

With integrated spam, virus, and policy filtering, the IronPort C-Series now protects 8 of the 10 largest ISPs and enterprises in the world.

Virus Outbreak Filters™

Powered by SenderBase, IronPort's Virus Outbreak Filters stop viruses as much as 42 hours ahead of signature availability, keeping networks safe around the world.

IronPort Launches Second Generation Reputation Filters

Powerful enough to block spam at the source, IronPort begins throttling mail coming out of major ISPs, thwarting "zombie" PCs and making the Internet safer for all users.

World's Most Powerful Security Appliance, the IronPort X1000™

IronPort announces the X1000, which processes email messages 10x more efficiently than traditional UNIX based mail servers and increases system throughput by 400%. The IronPort X1000 is the first email appliance to integrate Domain Keys technology.

Email Authentication Improved by IronPort's SenderBase and Reputation Filters

IronPort announces a groundbreaking study of enterprise and ISP traffic that shows reputation data is essential to improving authentication results. Leveraging IronPort's SenderBase email traffic monitoring network, the study demonstrates the use of reputation data to boost efficacy tenfold.

IronPort Releases AsyncOS 4.5, Including Next-Generation Virus Outbreak Filters and a New Threat Operations Facility

IronPort releases high-performance AsyncOS 4.5, the largest software release in the company's five-year history. AsyncOS 4.5 includes the next generation of Virus Outbreak Filters. This breakthrough technology has provided protection an average of 13.6 hours ahead of signature availability for more than 100 major outbreaks. In conjunction, IronPort announces an all-new Threat Operations Center (TOC) facility in San Bruno, California, with state of the art tools to produce alerts and rules designed to stay one step ahead of virus writers.

IronPort Introduces Web Reputation Technology

IronPort announces Web Reputation technology, an innovative approach used by IronPort's industry leading multi-layer anti-spam system. IronPort's Web Reputation technology measures the behavior and traffic patterns of a web site to assess its trustworthiness. This enables IronPort to immediately protect IronPort anti-spam users from spam, viruses, phishing and spyware threats.

IronPort Introduces World's Fastest Web Security Appliance

The IronPort S-Series Web Security Appliances provide the industry's most comprehensive perimeter defense against a broad range of spyware and web-based malware. The IronPort S-Series appliances combine a high-performance security platform with IronPort's exclusive Web Reputation technology and IronPort's breakthrough Dynamic Vectoring and Streaming engine (DVS), a new scanning technology that enables multi-vendor signature-based spyware filtering. Robust management and reporting tools deliver ease of administration and complete visibility into threat-related activity.

IronPort Introduces Protection from Email Bounce Attacks

Designed to protect customers from email bounce attacks, IronPort's unique solution signs the envelope's return (bounce) address, in SMTP's MAIL FROM: command for outgoing mail. When bounce messages are sent to an email gateway the existence of the correct signature will help determine legitimate bounces from fraudulent bounces. IronPort's Bounce Verification technology represents the first appliance-based solution compliant with Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV), which is circulating as a draft with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and is expected to enter the standards process.

IronPort DVS Engine

The IronPort S-Series appliances combine a high-performance security platform with IronPort's exclusive Web Reputation™ technology and the breakthrough IronPort Dynamic Vectoring and Streaming (DVS) engine™. This revolutionary scanning solution enables multi-vendor, signature-based spyware filtering.

IronPort Encryption Appliance

The IronPort Encryption Appliance™ is the most comprehensive email encryption gateway on the market. Whether driven by compliance requirements, improving customer/partner trust, or protecting intellectual property, the IronPort Encryption Appliance provides the flexibility and scalability to support all secure messaging requirements on a single platform - making it an ideal email solution for data loss prevention.

IronPort Introduces Integrated Data Loss Prevention and Encryption for Email

These built-in features help streamline the prohibitively complex task of protecting sensitive corporate information. The new functionality is included in IronPort's AsyncOS operating system which powers IronPort's industry-leading email security appliances. The introduction of this DLP functionality into the IronPort appliances gives corporate IT teams a single, fully integrated solution that combines the traditional email security functions of spam and virus filtering with work-flow based functions of policy creation, content scanning, and message encryption, quarantining and/or archiving.